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VTC ??? UBER ??? TAXI ??? I'M LOST...

A private driver drives vehicles for remuneration on his own behalf or that of a company that offers its services to individuals and professionals.

He is different from a taxi driver because he does not have the right to "maraud", that is to say:

>>>   He can not take random passengers on the street.

>>>   The cost must be known in advance.

>>>   The vehicle must have been reserved in advance.

>>>   Quality service, bottled water and small sweets are available to guests.

>>>   Accustomed to an international clientele, mastering foreign languages is one of the qualities of a private driver.


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We hope to have answered your questions in order to dispel your doubts.

We have the pleasure to welcome you each day, to share the time of a trip:                             the silence, the exchanges, the good plans, your joys etc ...       

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